Horchata ice cream

My new ice cream maker has been one of the best things ever this summer! For about two years now, we’ve been trying to eat clean… basically no processed foods which leaves out white sugar, flour, oils and basically anything that comes in a package.  But we aren’t crazy strict with it.  When we go … Continue reading

Book themed baby shower

Baby showers are definitely an American phenomenon. But I think mothers of any nationality will take any opportunity to hang out with friends (especially sans kids!)… so the baby shower I threw for a friend this weekend was anything but typical, but that doesn’t mean we all didn’t enjoy ourselves! Because it is my friend’s … Continue reading

Fail proof potty training

There is not an aspect of parenting that I dread more than potty training.  It stresses me out and frustrates me more than growth spurts, nightmares, separation anxiety and cluster feeding all put together.  And really I can’t complain… I’ve had it pretty easy when it comes to potty training.  But it still makes me … Continue reading

A TCK’s home

In the course of a year, we don’t travel a lot.  But when we do travel, it’s often epic trips, including several countries, states, many planes and even more beds for my children to sleep in.  I actually used to keep track of how many flights Isla had been on, but lost track around 30…. … Continue reading

The beauty of a public beach

Lebanon is on the Mediterranean Sea.  Miles of coastline, some rocky, some sandy.  And yet, public beaches are few and far between.  There are a handful throughout the country that I’ve heard are nice and clean.  The ones that we have tried out are dirty.  Ramlet el Baida, the sandy beach in Beirut, is full … Continue reading

TCK in transition. But not really.

We’re taking a little vacation tomorrow.  So excited to have nothing to do but sit on the beach, swim in the pool and of course, take a trip to Ikea! The girls are excited too… it’s been really interesting to see Isla “prepare” for this trip.  Our little TCK is getting to be a pro … Continue reading

Lost in Translation – religious sentiments

  It’s not uncommon for vehicles to be sporting some sort of phrase.  Often a tribute to a martyr or a phrase defining one’s driving style take over a back windshield.  Probably most common, however, are the religious sentiments….

World Cup Fever: Go…. Texas!?!

The first time I went to Texas, I remember being on the freeway between Dallas at the airport and being in awe at the number of massive flags at every car dealership and restaurant we passed.  These American and Texas banners were the largest flags I’d ever seen (until I traveled to Turkey!) and I … Continue reading

Sanayeh, recreated!

For the past two years, Sanayeh Garden, one of the few public parks in Beirut, has been under renovation.  We were so excited when it finally opened back up a few weeks ago.  It’s a five minute walk from our house, it’s free, and it’s green… what more could you ask for in the middle … Continue reading