World Cup Fever: Go…. Texas!?!

The first time I went to Texas, I remember being on the freeway between Dallas at the airport and being in awe at the number of massive flags at every car dealership and restaurant we passed.  These American and Texas banners were the largest flags I’d ever seen (until I traveled to Turkey!) and I … Continue reading

Sanayeh, recreated!

For the past two years, Sanayeh Garden, one of the few public parks in Beirut, has been under renovation.  We were so excited when it finally opened back up a few weeks ago.  It’s a five minute walk from our house, it’s free, and it’s green… what more could you ask for in the middle … Continue reading

The best laid plans…

While my friends were doodling baby names and hearts with the initials of the boys they liked on their class notes, I was designing my orphanage. I had the layout all planned out by the time I’d graduated high school, and finished up my plans during some of my less-than-exciting classes in college.  I always … Continue reading

Port-a-potty Maid

  Only in Beirut! (Not that I’m complaining.  I’m pretty sure that port-a-potty was cleaner than our bathroom at home!!)

The 7 year itch (just a few years early)

I’ve now lived in Beirut longer than I’ve been in any one place since I was nine years old.  It’s almost like it’s built into my DNA to start all over every couple of years. We’re here and it doesn’t look like we’ll be leaving anytime soon… but I have an itch for change.  I … Continue reading

Second English

Even though she was born and raised in Lebanon, Isla’s first and strongest language is English. Honestly, we expected her to be both fluent in English and Arabic by this time.  We do live, after all, in an Arabic speaking country, and both her Daddy and I speak Arabic (though not fluently… yet! :)) There … Continue reading

The post after

The thing with blogs is… they should be current.  A lot has happened in the past few months that I’ve thought about blogging about, even written some of the posts in my head.  But I was running into two issues.  One, by the time I’d sit down to actually write the post, life had moved … Continue reading