General Security vs…. a three year old.

We have to renew our residency permits every year.  The list of requirements is always changing – letter from our church here, paper with official stamps saying we will take financial responsibility for our children, signed paper saying we will not marry a Lebanese, and on and on.  But one thing we’ve needed consistently is … Continue reading

Follow me, Mama

As I start this post Luka is sleeping in his bed.  I say start because I have no illusions that I’ll actually finish it in one sitting, but it’s significant that he’s in his bed.  Significant because he hasn’t slept in his bed in nearly a week.  His daytime naps he’s been wrapped close to … Continue reading

Luka by the month – 5 months

Luka took his four month sleep regression very seriously.  The combination of being super distracted during the day and needing to make up for it by eating all night long and his new trick of rolling onto his belly while sleeping (“I’m on my belly!  WHHYYYY am I on my belly!?!?!”) made for not a … Continue reading

Beirut’s best burger

There are dozens of different burger places in Beirut, but hands down my favorite burgers are at Shake Shack.  The ten year old chain started in Manhattan and now has two branches in Beirut – one in City Centre Mall, the other at ABC Ashrafieh. I’m no meat connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, … Continue reading

Community Yard Sale

Come on out and find some great deals on maternity and kids’ clothes, toys, books and more!  Click on the picture for more details.

When it’s okay to hit a child

There was a story going around social media last week about an employee at Dunkin’ Donuts Hamra who beat up a Syrian child beggar.  There were pictures of both the boy and the employee circling with the story.  Since then, there have been claims that the boy wasn’t beaten as bad as the pictures showed, … Continue reading

Ruby’s Boxtown

Ruby very randomly decided that she wanted a “girl-cow” birthday party this year.  I knew it could be a challenge finding things for a Western-themed birthday here in the Middle East, but was happy to be planning a non-princess party for a change! I decided to ditch the organized games this party.  As much as … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Ruby!

Ruby has been looking forward to being three for quite a while now so that she can get earrings, go to school and chew gum.  Her current favorite things are her sister, cold oatmeal, dresses that spin, babies and zert (dessert).  When Ruby grows up she wants to wipe herself when she poops and be … Continue reading

Thin Mint ice cream

I gained a lot a lot a lot of weight when I was pregnant with the girls.  With Luka, I gained about half as much as I did with Ruby.  No clue why, but hey, I’ll take it! Most of the weight has melted off pretty easily, but I’m still hanging on to that last … Continue reading

Luka by the month – 4 months

Luka is in such a fun stage.  He’s rolling all over the place, grabbing at anything he can reach (and putting it straight into his mouth) and blowing raspberries like a pro.  He hates taking naps during the day… basically he needs movement, white noise, skin touching skin and my finger to suck on in … Continue reading