Luka by the month – 3 months

Luka’s basic stats…  5.9 kilos (13 lbs) and 65 cm (2 feet tall, haha).  Basically he’s average weight and off the chart in height. And now, Luka at 3 months.  By Isla & Ruby. “Luka smiles a lot.  He smiles at me and Daddy and Ruby.  He spits up a lot still.  He smiles and … Continue reading

Interview with (another) 2 year old

Ruby is so excited to turn three.  She’s gonna “go to school, chew gum and get earrings.”  I’m also not-so-secretly hoping that she’ll also decide to be done nursing, but that’s for another post. But before she can start school… the all important interview!  Yes, for those of you new to the blog and outside … Continue reading

Freezer Exchange

I often see friends in the States hosting freezer meal parties… everyone contributes different ingredients, you spend a few hours working together in someone’s kitchen and head home with 10 meals to fill your freezer.  I love the idea, but it needed to be tweaked a bit to work here. So a few months ago, … Continue reading

DIY tshirts

A few years ago for Christmas, I got a Silhouette cutting machine.  It’s been a lot of fun to use for birthday and baby shower decorations, wall art, projects for the kids and a lot more.  But by far my favorite way to use it is to make custom shirts.  Silhouette now has heat transfer … Continue reading


One night we were having a discussion about our family rules.  I asked the girls, “what are some of our family rules? Isla: No shooting.  Oh, I know!  No opening the door to strangers Ruby:  No opening the door to bears! —————————————————————- Ruby’s prayer one night: Thank you for Jesus dying on the cross all … Continue reading

Luka by the month – 2 months

Our Luka boy is growing!  Such a change from my “failure to thrive” girls who stayed in newborn clothes for months!  Luka is finally smiling and cooing and enjoys his playmat and swing… for a few minutes at least.  He sleeps like a champ at night (8-9 hours!) but makes up for it by fighting … Continue reading

Luka’s Birth Story

This post is mostly for me… and maybe the 2-3 friends of mine who are doulas and interested in this kind of thing.  Dad, you definitely don’t want to read it.. and I imagine many of you will want to skip over this post as well.  Consider yourselves warned!  :) About a month before my … Continue reading

Luka by the month

We’re still getting to know our little one month old… but we do know that Luka loves to sleep (once we can finally get him to sleep!), loves to eat and seems to love spitting up all over everything…. especially when I’ve just changed his clothes or I’m all dressed to go to a parents … Continue reading

Isla’s Frozen party

I kind of have this rule about birthday parties… I learned pretty quickly that small kids could care less about how well the food matches the theme of a party and it’s just not worth the effort to be creative with party food for a 4 or 5 year old’s birthday. But as I was … Continue reading