the hermeneutical principle of suffering…

So, I’m up a little late tonight, reflecting. Chalk it up to the late afternoon thunderstorm show that transitioned into a radiant yellow on orange on blue on purple sunset…or chalk it up to my chicken schwarma and hummus filled belly. But, I’m reflective tonight. And that means my journal got a work out. About a year ago, it looks like I was similarly reflective…and here’s some thoughts from then:

Embracing suffering as the greatest hermeneutical principle?

The power to do this comes from the joy set before us. Where does sacrificial love come from? It comes from being satisfied in what God has promised to be for us more than anything else in this life. What has he promised to be? Present! Sufficient! Our hope is not in what this life has to offer, but in the resurrection to a better life.

posted by: caleb


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