back from CO

After a two-day 900 mile race to Littleton, CO in a Jeep Wrangler, I was pumped. Then, after two hours and fifty-six questions ranging from conflict in our marriage to what our definition of the word “impute” was…and finding out five minutes later that we were accepted, I was pumped. After two weeks of orientation and training to the organization, and realizing how well of a fit this organization is for Nicolette and I, I was pumped. Now we’re home, Nicolette is grocery shopping and I’m doing laundry, thinking about going back to work tomorrow. And I’m pooped.

It’s true that coming back from “vacation,” you usually find yourself more exhausted than when you left. This was no exception for us on this trip either.

On a completely unrelated (and yet related because it happened in Colorado) note, after comparing notes with an administrative assistant with our organization who oversees everything they do in the entire continent of Africa, I realized that she went to high school with my parents. She actually had her yearbook from that year (Tempe High, class of ’69) and was able to find both my parents’ pictures, along with my aunts’ and uncles’ pictures in her yearbook!

Alright, that’s all I got for tonight. Chalk it up to being pooped. :)

Here’s a picture of Nic and I entering “colorful” Colorado…(and no, we didn’t plan to wear nearly matching shirts…and yes, we are thoroughly embarrassed, thank you very much!)

oh, the irony
posted by: caleb


2 thoughts on “back from CO

  1. i like the header for the blog. yellow couch. dressy shoes. and you moved the couch to the parking lot for the picture? good stuff. congrats on world venture! way to persevere through the combined 18 1/2 years. we love you both … A LOT and will be praying diligently for all that is important for you two to keep solid. i long for the day when the church i pastor can support you. that john denver was full …

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