the things you hear at school…

i was teaching kindergarten today, and the class was watching ‘charlie brown’s thanksgiving.’ charlie brown and his friends are all in the back of a station wagon (fun fact: i cried buckets when my parents sold our station wagon), and they are singing that christmas song, ‘over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go…’ and charlie says something about how it’s too bad his grandma lives in a condominium. this prompted deep discussion amongst the kindergarteners. “what’s a condomedrian?” asks one. any talk is cut short when one little guy says very confidently:

“it’s another state. y’know, like california. yeah, california and condomedrian.”

a collective nod of understanding, and all eyes were back on charlie brown and his turkey dinner.

i, on the other hand, was cracking up, and it set me to thinking on some of the other funny things i’ve heard coming out of the mouths of children…

– teaching preschool, apparently “miss nicolette” was a bit too difficult, so i was aptly dubbed “miss pickle” by one.

– in a fourth grade class, somehow the word ‘gay’ came up, and one of the boys explained to the rest of his table that “gay means you like boys. that means all girls are gay.”

– one little boy drew me a picture of two lizards… named abraham and lot.

and my all-time favorite:

– teaching on the ten plagues of egypt (okay, technically, this is sunday school), i asked if any of the kiddos knew what hail was. sweet jada answered, as only a texan could: “hail is a bad place!” (say it with a southern accent if you don’t get it… i promise you will laugh when you do!)

hee hee, i love my job! :)

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