man, i miss north carolina

no one here in arizona really seems to understand…

posted by: nicolette


4 thoughts on “man, i miss north carolina

  1. So, Nicolette, I gotta ask; who is your team? I actually went to NC State with this kid’s dad. I certainly understand and after living in Texas and Iowa for the last 7 years; I really miss NC too. By the way, I was in SF with Caleb at DTS.

  2. ha, ha, actually, I’m a Duke fan. Okay, okay, I hear the insults and the jeers… :)

    There’s nothing like growing up in the Triangle… the rivalries are insane! :) Not so much here… went to the ASU/USC game at the Sun Devils stadium yesterday… half the ASU fans were gone before the third quarter even ended! Craziness! :)

  3. I’ve tried (not always successfully) to lay off the insults for Duke fans. I actually married one. What unites us is our common opposition of “The school that shall not be named.”

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