no fear?

A few weeks ago, we watched the movie “A Mighty Heart.” It’s the true story of American journalist Daniel Pearl working in Pakistan, who was kidnapped by extremists and brutally beheaded. It’s an excellent movie – with a really good message – about a terrible event.

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By far the most common question I get when people find out we are headed to this part of the world is: “aren’t you so scared?!?” And it is a valid question, especially with men like Daniel Pearl in our recent memories. It takes me back to my last year in college. It was just a month after 9/11, and one of my classes was taking a trip to New York City to see a Biblical archeology exhibit at the Met. It was right in the middle of the big anthrax scare… you remember, when we were all afraid that the next big attack would be something chemical or biological – anthrax.

I’ll admit, I was not excited about going. Every day on the news it seemed like there was a new threat against a bridge, or a building, or a city as a whole. I was scared. So scared, that I actually went and talked to my professor… did I really have to go? I’ll never forget what he told me. Well, I forgot most of what he told me, but I do remember the last thing he said:

Nicolette. Being in God’s will is the safest place to be.

Now, I was still scared to go to New York. But I wasn’t 100% convinced that it was God’s will that I go, so I won’t count it. :)

I am totally, without a doubt, absolutely certain that God is calling Caleb and I to spread His message of love and grace and redemption to those who have never heard. So, no. I am not scared. My prof was not saying that safe always means what we want it to mean, but I understand his point. I would rather be “safe” in God’s will in a dangerous place, than living out of His will in a “safe” place… man, I love movies that make you think. :)


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