some pictures from work

Every once in a while, I get the urge to haul the old Nikon to work to take a few pictures. Here’s a little of what work looks like for me these days…

picture currently unavailable

The little Isuzu dump truck I drive…at the granite pit

picture currently unavailable

A little side job my crew did just before Nic and I flew to NC for Christmas…

picture currently unavailable

On one of our maintenance days…

picture currently unavailable

and the finished product!

Landscaping is something I’ve done almost my whole life, and it wasn’t what I really aspired to after seminary. But, it has also been an ideal job that gives me flexibility to keep working at support-raising and pre-field arrangements. Good times!

Nicolette and I are here in North Carolina for another week or so before we fly back to Arizona just in time to jump in the car and drive out to California for a friend’s wedding.

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