a little more about the “old” guy (see previous post)

His name is J. Dudley Woodberry, professor of Islamic studies at Fuller Theological Seminary, and his visit to Dallas Theological Seminary was timely, to say the least. The title of his message in chapel that Thursday in November was “The Fullness of time for Muslims.” The question he asked concerned how Jesus would cross socio-politico-cultural boundaries to reach Muslims, and his text was Jn 4:4-30, 39-42.

One of the many points that he made which stood out to me was one that I remembered from my internship in New York. There is an Arab proverb that goes: To make a mistake and then to admit it is to make two mistakes. The whole paradigm of repentance that we think of takes on a WHOLE new meaning when you think of it light of this proverb.

I remember talking about Dr. Woodberry’s visit before he came. And if I remember right, she seemed somewhat nervous about hearing him speak, because she suspected what he would have to say would be convicting. What I recall from that conversation with Nicolette was trying to do my darndest to only ask questions and not tell her how much I was hoping that he’d have an impact on her. And then to see that conviction grow in her…wow!

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