and we’re back…

…and I thought I’d write a six word story to tell you about our week:

Internet died, while helping plan wedding.

or maybe:

Denver training, Dallas travels, what’s next?

no…that doesn’t do it either…

Nicolette’s joy: dressing from her drawer. (and not the suitcase)

Okay, so that was 10 words. Needless to say, we’ve been on the road a bit…actually, I think we have been traveling three of the eight weeks we’re now into in 2008. We’re both ready to land back in Arizona for a little while.

We had some training in Colorado at the end of January…and drove up there for that week and a half. Some good friends from our small group study loaned us their Infiniti G35 (Thank you, Tim and Sarah!!), which will do a quarter of a mile in 14 seconds. Fast car. Especially when comparing it to my dad’s Jeep Wrangler that I’ve been borrowing for the last 8 months or so (Thanks Dad!!!). The ride was a thrill…although arriving to organization headquarters in that nice of a car took a little explaining ;)

This is a stock picture I found on the internet…Tim’s G35 has a rear spoiler which really helps it hug the highway up through the curves on I-17 between Phoenix and Flagstaff.

Our time in Colorado was productive and encouraging. We arrived back in Phoenix to work for a week and for a global focus Sunday at the Grove. And then we caught a flight to Dallas to meet with the church Nicolette and I attended and taught at during seminary. Our time there was so limited, so it was difficult to see everyone that we had hoped to see. But, we were able to connect up with a couple professors who were very influential in our lives, along with a number of friends.

We’ll be back in Phoenix for the next few weeks; my brother Cody is getting married March 1st and we’re helping out wherever and however we can for he and Mackenzie’s special day. Then a week after that, we’ll be on our way to Lebanon for the first stop on our survey trip.

That being said, we’re happy to be back for a little while. I’m happy that work got canceled today because of rain (!) and I’ve had a chance to connect to the internet here at my dad’s.

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