we made it!

after several long but uneventful flights, we finally made it to beirut at about 3am this morning (beirut time – 9 hours ahead of arizona, 7 ahead of nc).  today has been a full day of church services, meeting people and lots of food!

ironically, the first place we ate on our two week trip to the mid. east was starbucks!!!  at lunch we were treated to an amazing lebanese spread.  it started with pickles, nuts and beans.  then came the salads, pita bread, two kinds of hummus, a plate full of vegetables, grape leaves, dried yogurt, and three kinds of raw meat (!!!).  i was stuffed and then realized, uh oh, these were only the appetizers!  next came the lamb, chicken, beef, chicken liver (another !!!), more chickpeas, hummus and pita bread!  we literally stuffed ourselves full… but had to sample the lebanese desserts, including strawberries the size of a small apple!

everyone we’ve met has been incredibly welcoming, and we’ve been able to ride around a bit to see some of the city.  we have a busy couple of days ahead of us, spending time at the seminary, visiting several schools and orphanages before we hop on a plane to J…. it’s off to a good start!

please continue to pray that God would open our eyes to see what we need to see in order to make a wise decision about where to serve.  pray that we the people we meet and the ministries we see would all give us as realistic a picture as possible about what life and ministry in each of these would mean for us!

we’ll continue to update you as best we can…

posted by: nicolette


2 thoughts on “we made it!

  1. Okay, officially bookmarking your guys’ blog. Pray for you guys all the time and hope everything keeps going well for you.


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