arrived! shwarma and a taste of Amman

Welp, we’re here in Amman, staying at the Abjar Hotel…a great hotel (and you can check it out on Google if that strikes your fancy!).  We arrived Thursday morning and jumped into getting to know our friends here, the work at JETS (Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary), and the story of the churches.  Sweet.

Last night, we took a walk down to some shops and little mall near our hotel to get a bite to eat.  2 Chicken shwarmas wrapped in a warm pita with tahini sauce and pickles worked in and a liter of water for less than 2 Jordanian Dinar…now that’s a tasty snack!  We hopped across the street to a nice little sweet shop and bought a small plate of baklava. I tried to order kenafeh, but I could really communicate that very well…so we enjoyed some delicious baklava, one kind was so delicate and tasty…I’ve never tasted anything like it.  Chalk it up to fun surprises in a new culture!!

Oh yeah, one thing I didn’t get to mention…the day before we left Beirut, we actually had the privilege of traveling over Mt. Lebanon on the Damascus Road to visit some really well preserved Roman ruins…in a town called Baalbek.  The ruins, I think, are some of the most well preserved ruins from that era…there was SO much of the temple still left standing, you could get a very clear picture of the scale of the project (100,00 slaves built over the course of 150 years on top of ancient Phoenician ruins).  Our guide told us he had been giving tours at these ruins since 1960!

At any rate, that’s a little snapshot of what we’ve been up to…definitely a lot more stories to tell than what we’re able to capture here.  Our internet access has been a little limited, hence fewer postings.  Thanks for the emails!  We’ll do our best to answer as we get a chance!!

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