A quick little update

for some reason, the government here has blocked wordpress, so thanks so much, mom, for posting this for us!

sorry we haven’t been posting as often as we would have liked… either we’ve had internet access but no time, or when we did have time, no access! and now, internet access, but our blog is blocked! :)

this trip has been so eye-opening. i think we’ve gotten a pretty good view of life and ministry in both beirut and amman, and (unfortunately?) it’s going to be a very difficult decision. lots of opportunities in both places that we’d love to be involved in… every day it seems we are leaning in a different direction! :) we are in our third country now, just starting to get a feel for things, and i have a feeling the decision is about to become even more difficult!!! :)

a fun little story… our last night in amman, caleb had the opportunity to share a bit at a “breaking bread” service at a small church. he did a great job, talking about how the Lord’s Supper really is a symbol of unity amongst believers everywhere in all situations. he started with an image of a dish we had tasted earlier in the week. he was describing it, but i guess the word he used wasn’t the common name, and so it started a huge discussion (in the middle of his message! :)) about what the food was, how it was made, whose grandmother made it best, and when was the last time so and so had made it! even caleb’s translator got in on the discussion… it was so funny!!! :)

we have lots more stories to share when we get home… and pictures as well! thanks for praying!!!

posted by: nicolette (via karen!)


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