the big decision from a snowy alpine town…

well, our survey trip is technically over, but we’ve got a couple of days with our international director in a little town in the southern austrian alps to process all we’ve seen over the past two weeks and to get another set of eyes to help us work through the decision of where we’ll be heading next.

i think as we planned and started off on this trip, i was expecting a kind of “aha” moment at some point, where God’s will was plainly evident, and our next step was very clear. that hasn’t happened. all three countries we visited have some really neat opportunities, and i think in general i can see us living and serving in any of them. but, each context also has a very unique set of difficulties and challenges… from seemingly imminent war to political pressure to secret police to talking in code… definitely things that just aren’t a part of life for us in chandler, arizona!

so, thanks to those of you who have been praying for us on this journey… please don’t stop now! :)
please pray for wisdom and guidance and agreement as we talk through our options. thanks a bunch!

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One thought on “the big decision from a snowy alpine town…

  1. I want to hear all about the little town in the austrian alps as well, you know! Have SO enjoyed following your blog! We keep you in our prayers!
    Love, Sandlin

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