being unconnected

when we first moved into our apartment last year, we debated as to whether or not we should get an internet connection… i don’t know why but for some reason you have to have cable as well, and the combination was pri-cey, so we decided against it.  we were picking up several wireless signals from our neighbors, so we decided to ask around, and see if anyone was willing to let us pay a small monthly fee for the use of their connection.  one of our great neighbors said we could use theirs for free, which is just awesome!  they didn’t have a network key, so for the past year-ish, we’ve been blessed to have free internet in our apartment!

however, it seems they’ve either gotten rid of their internet service or put a password on it or something, because we no longer pick it up in our apartment.  which means email doesn’t get checked very often, nor does this blog get updated as often as i would like.  on the plus side, i get lots of chai, because i feel bad going to a coffee shop to use their internet without actually buying something.  yum!  and i figure, the chai is cheaper than the internet connection would be, so it all works out!!!

on another note, we’re still discussing and praying through the decision… i think we are at least making progress towards something.  what, i don’t know yet, but something!  i promise, as soon as we decide we’ll let you know in every way we can… blog, email, mail… we’ll do our best to keep you updated!  thanks for your faithful prayers… and your patience as we seek the Lord’s will in our next steps…

posted by: nicolette


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