i missed april fools

i had so many fun april fools ideas yesterday… i though posting an ultrasound picture on here would have been really funny… but all the jokes i could think of (especially those involving babies!) would have made too many people so excited (mom), that i felt bad about dashing dreams. ha ha. so, no april fools jokes for me. ah well, next year. :)

i’ve been teaching seventh grade math since we got back from the mid east. the kids had all sorts of stories yesterday of jokes they played. for example: “i told becky her shoe was untied and she looked down! she’s wearing flip flops! april fools!!!” ha ha, so clever!

then one girl told me that yesterday morning she told her dad she was pregnant… she’s all of 12 years old, and i guess her dad believed her because he yelled at her for a long time. i asked what his reaction was when she said “april fools” but she never told him! poor guy, he probably spent all day yesterday sitting useless at work wondering how his baby girl could have gotten into such a predicament! she wins for best joke ever… i don’t think i’d have the guts to pull it off! :)

on the decision making front… we’re almost there. update coming soon to a mailbox (or inbox!) near you!!!! :)

posted by: nicolette


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