spring 4-wheeling

In a last ditch effort to try to help Nicolette gain a new appreciation for the beloved Sonoran Desert…I thought I’d take her on a short little “photography” trip to see the “wildflowers” in the desert last weekend. There are, supposedly, a few flowers left which makes for a bit of “girl appeal” in an otherwise harsh place. And we (read “I”) always enjoy a nice drive through the desert. Sounds like a win/win, right?!

Well, she humored me by going along for the ride and we had a bit of an adventure. Getting there we had to dodge traffic backed up on US60 because of a major golf tournament and, a few miles later, because of the Renaissance Festival. The wildflowers seemed pretty parched…but they were pretty pretty ;) too.

While we were snooping around looking at flowers, we found a couple old abandoned mine shafts with bits of turquoise in the tailings piles. The second one I crawled into was much deeper than the first. Inside, there were two vertical shafts that dropped down another twenty feet or so, I think.

(above and below: entrance to the mine)

She sat here at the entrance waiting for me…something about being afraid it might collapse?! It’s a good thing one of us has some sense of caution. ;) Well, pretty far back into this horizontal shaft, I found skunk…his (or her) tail is sticking out from behind a rock in the picture below. Seeing the skunk spooked me at first…I thought I was about to get fumigated. But, I snuck back in a snapped some more pictures.

(can you spot him?)

I posted some more of those pictures on facebook…so, to see the rest of that album, click here.

We talked a bit more about ministry plans and basically have a decision made. Be looking to your inbox or mailbox for more info on that.

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