the decision and my someday famous sister

well, the decision has been made. and i’m aching to announce it here… BUT, we just dropped the last stack of newsletters in the mail, and i don’t want to ruin the surprise. it’s way better to open a piece of mail than to read a blog, so i’ll wait a couple of days before posting on here where we’ve decided to go. i’ll give you a hint. it is one of the three countries we visited. ha! :)

on another completely random note, i’ve been teaching in a seventh grade math class for several weeks now. the kids are lots of fun, and i really enjoy math, so it’s a good combo! :) on friday a bunch of the girls were talking about going to see the new “prom night” movie, and i mentioned that i thought my sister might be in that one… they all totally freaked out. i tried to explain that annelise is working as an extra, but that she’s not really famous or anything (yet! :)), but they didn’t exactly hear me. i had several requests for autographs, one request for her phone number, one wanted to know if she is friends with brittany snow (?), and one declared, “oh my gosh, i’m totally her biggest fan!” it was pretty funny! then last night, i got a text message from one of the girls: i’m watching the movie right now, what was your sister wearing???

so, here’s an ode to my sister who i love… who promised to buy me a house when she gets famous (just a little reminder for all the world to see, anna! :))

she’s the bored looking one in pink

on cold case with goofy 80’s hair

waiting in line for coffee on how i met your mother

and just a cute one of us… yeah, we look nothing alike…

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