God’s glory

While I was in seminary, one of my professors was talking about God’s glory in nature and in mankind. One of the lines of thought that he took that really caught my attention is that because God has created humans to bear his image, humans are the supreme reflectors of God’s glory in all of creation. This would infer that the spectacular glory of God is more nearly reflected in the murderer on death row than even the most beautiful wilderness landscape.

sunset over magma mine

If there is anything that you could identify as a hobby of mine, it would be “outdoors.” Anything to do with exploring the outdoors is something I either a) really enjoy doing, or b) am hoping to try doing. So, this thought from my professor is stuck in my mind, especially when I’m out in the “wilderness” exploring and having a great time. I am constantly reminded that the beauty of this shocking, overwhelming, amazingly fun scene I am taking in, moment by moment, pales in comparison to the beauty of even the most frustrating or annoying or unloveable person in my life at that moment. I am reminded that I need to look for what is praiseworthy in them.

Last weekend, I got a chance to get away for just one night to go camp with some friends in the high desert just east of Phoenix. What a “reset” this kind of time is! Not to “escape” from humanity, but to reminded of that which is truly beautiful…and what I’ve been too critical to see.

Click here for some more shots from that trip…hope you enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “God’s glory

  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing that thought. I have really been contemplating God’s glory as reflected in nature recently, after attending the Passion Conference with my son in Atlanta. But to think that the individual masterpieces God calls mankind exceed nature’s highlights, well, that’s just a major paradigm shift for me.

    Thank you for blessing me with that deep thought for the day.

  2. BTW, I’m working on a part II of a piece called A Great God in the Great Outdoors. Would you mind if I referred to your blog and this thought in the blog, as well as a book I’m working on called “Of Mountains, Men, and Their Maker?” If that is OK, how would you like me to list the “credits?”

  3. Caleb! and Nicolette!

    Dame just handed me the DTS paper and said “Look here!”. We are both excited to see that you are married and graduated in ’06!

    I told Dame that if your were out on the mission field chances were you would have a blog, so i Googled you.

    I am so glad I did! I am going to try to find an email address and email you.

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