four-wheeling with the guys

The last couple weeks have been a rare burst of outdoor time for me. And I’ve greatly enjoyed it. The weekend before the camping excursion in the previous blog, I finally got a chance to take my dad’s Jeep out for what turned into a 9 hr. jaunt through the desert. Nikita and Tim are a couple of guys from the small group for young married couples that Nicolette and I have been a part of since we moved here 14 months ago. We along with Tim’s brother and dad and Jared, another friend from church all cruised in Tim’s (the green one) and my Jeeps (the white one)…and got a good taste of sweet Sonoran dust. ;) It hasn’t rained here in a while and the wilting spring flowers and greenery were testimony to that, along with the billowing dust that kicked up off all the trails…but we still had a great time! Here’s a few pictures from that trip courtesy of Nikita. Thanks guys!!!

posted by: caleb


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