second month, second wedding

last month, caleb’s brother cody got married…

next month, caleb’s sister charity will be getting married…

this month – last weekend – caleb’s dad got married!

caleb did the wedding… lemme brag for a second – he did an amazing job! he had everyone crying and smiling… it was tough… marrying your dad only a year after your mom died to a woman who lost her husband only 8 months ago, but he did great capturing both the joy and the grief in the hearts of all who were present. if anyone ever needs to do a second wedding, he has a super script! :)

we’re so happy to have jane as part of the family! and it’s so wonderful that we get to be here for all the celebration before we head overseas!

a quick picture of us from the wedding… pics of the bride and groom and the new brady bunch (she has three kids, one is married… plus the three hutcherson kids and their spouses/fiances… a pretty crazy bunch!) coming soon!!! :)

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