living out of my suitcase…

while the hutchersons are busy getting married :), my sibs are graduating!

two weeks ago, caleb bought me a plane ticket to fly out to the east coast for my brother adam’s much anticipated graduation from baptist bible college. i flew out to north carolina, then drove to pennsylvania with my mom and other brother, evan, for the graduation. dad met us there, and several other good family friends were graduating as well… it was such a great time! we all drove back to north carolina, with a quick stop in baltimore – one of my favorite cities! i had a couple of days at home (north carolina, i mean!), flew back to arizona for a day…

…and then caleb and i jumped into the car and drove to los angeles for my sister annelise’s graduation from USC! my parents met us there, we stayed in a sweet hotel, and had a fun time with old friends and family!

as much as i love traveling, i really love unpacking my bag and living out of my closet! the bags won’t stay unpacked for long, though! after charity’s wedding this weekend, caleb and i are hopping on a plane out to north carolina for my brother evan’s high school graduation!!!! we’ll be there for about a week… hanging with family, and speaking at a church about our future ministry, then it’s off to dallas for another church meeting!

we’ll be back in arizona mid-june, unpacking our bags, only to pack them up again! we move out of our apartment june 30!!!! another big step towards the middle east! whoo hoo!!!

a lil update on my sibs… adam is spending the summer in north carolina, looking for a youth ministry internship – possibly out in california!

annelise is staying in la, continuing to play the drum in the usc marching band, and working as an extra in film and television…

evan is headed out to california as well to attend the musician’s institute in hollywood…

they are all three so talented… can’t wait to see how the Lord uses their skills and love for Him! i’m so very proud of each of them!

a couple pics from the first two graduations:

adam and me

5/7 of the king family!

annelise and me…

and caleb and me!

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4 thoughts on “living out of my suitcase…

  1. wow…it’s tough to keep up with you guys! so cool that you get to enjoy all of these celebrations with family before you leave. we’re excited for you guys and we think of you and pray for you! enjoy each moment!

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