uhh, it was fine.

I’m terrible at keeping in touch by phone. Sometimes it’ll be several months in between phone calls with my very best friends (though we do have facebook!!! :))… and the beginning of the phone call always feels kinda funny… like, let’s see, how do i update you on my whole life.

Same thing when I’d be out of the country for several months… get home, people ask, “how was your trip?” and all I can seem to come up with is “fine.”

That’s how I’ve been feeling about blogging for a while. So much has been going on in the past couple of weeks, and after every big moment, I’ve thought, ooh, I should put that on the blog. But then it just gets to the point where it is almost too overwhelming to begin… too much to tell, don’t know where to start… you know that feeling??

So, here’s a brief (ya, right) update on the past couple weeks in the life of us:

Nearly three weeks ago, Caleb’s sister Charity got married. It was a sweet wedding… Caleb was the preacher-man, and I was the matron of honor. Lots of fun :)

A couple of days after the wedding we hopped on a plane for North Carolina… had a dessert with friends to share about our ministry, had a really neat opportunity to share in a church, and got see my baby brother :) graduate from high school!!!

From there we headed to Dallas… got to see lots of friends we love, and then visited another church that has recently joined our team. We had an interview with the board, shared our story at a dessert, and then spoke in two different Sunday School classes. It was so encouraging, and lots of fun… though we were definitely tired of talking by the time we got on the plane to head back to Arizona (which, by the way, got about halfway into the air when it had to make an emergency landing!!!!)

Now we’re back and the crazy organizing and packing has begun! Our apartment is a mess as we try to decide what to take to Beirut, what to sell, what to store, and what to give to my sister and brothers for their new California home!

Sorry for the dumptruck approach… we’ll try to be better about more regular updates… especially when we are in Lebanon! Thanks for reading! :)

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