a funny reminiscent story of me being dumb and that being a really good thing

when i was in college, i borrowed a friend’s car for some reason and i was driving back to my dorm when i ran a red light. for those of you cedarvillians out there, it was the light right in front of faith that was pretty much always blinking yellow… it was right near a high school (?) so at the beginning and end of the school day, the light changed from blinking yellow to green-yellow-red.

anyways, as i drove through it, i saw it turn red, and though i didn’t see the policeman, i knew he was around (those c-ville cops are notorious! :)), so i just pulled over and waited for him to come out of hiding, which he did. he came up to my window and asked me for my license and insurance.

insurance. for some reason this threw me off. i was used to (yes, i’ve been pulled a couple of time – no tickets, though!) giving my license and registration so the whole insurance thing caught me off balance. and because i wasn’t in my own car, i was even more confused. in my car i knew right where everything was, but this was a strange car, and i was nervous on top of that.

so i just sorta looked at the nice policeman and asked, “insurance?”

i think he saw i was nervous, so he explained that i would probably have an insurance card in my wallet… and a light came on in my brain. i DID have an insurance card, now i remember! so i dug through my wallet and triumphantly pulled out my insurance card and handing it – with a flourish, i’m sure – to the man in uniform waiting patiently at my window.

he studied it for a while. and in his ohio-country accent drawled,

“miss king, this is your medical insurance card.”

(i didn’t get the ticket)

posted by: nicolette


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