stacks and piles, piles and stacks

this week has been all about the stacks.  we’ve been working our way through our apartment, dividing our stuff into four stacks: what to sell, what to give to my sister, what to take to beirut, and what we can’t take but don’t really want to get rid of.  it’s been surprising, the stuff i find myself attached to, and the creativity i have inside of me convincing myself i really will need said thing once we get to beirut.  it’s different from all the other moves i’ve made for several reasons.  only being able to take what we can fit into suitcases is a far cry from packing everything up in boxes and moving it across town or country or whatever.  and even though we are packing up and moving out of our apartment this weekend, we don’t actually arrive at our “final destination” for several months…  it’s been a (surprisingly!) emotional week!

for those of you in the area (for now that would be phoenix…), our church is having a commissioning service for us this sunday.  it will be a short interview and then the elders will formally commission and pray for us.  if you are around, we’d love to have you there!  if you need directions or service times, check out the church website here.

let the countdown begin: 24 days left in arizona!!!

posted by: nicolette


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