Packed. Sort of.

We signed the inspection papers on our apartment yesterday. We got the last of our things out and then cleaned like madmen (or madwomen??) and got our little Los Arboles apartment spotless. Maintenance passed it with flying colors, thanked us for leaving the place so clean, and then we handed over the keys. And then we drove away.

And so we’re living out of suitcases again. For the next three weeks we’ll be here in Arizona tying up loose ends (like figuring out how to trim the weight in our checked bags down by 12 pounds) and selling all the furniture and books and stuff that we can at next weekend’s garage sale. So, we’re packed. We’ve got our bags pretty much packed for Beirut. But we still are here in Arizona, so we’re unpacking them to get what we need for the day. And then repacking them.

A couple shots from the last few days…

Nicolette’s amazing, heroic (and also gut-wrenching!) effort at parring down of her wardrobe. That’s eight bags of clothes, shoes, and accessories she sold/gave away…way to go, babe!

If you know me at all, you know how much I enjoy fire…which is probably why I thought I’d have a moving ceremony capped with burning a few sensitive documents…

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One thought on “Packed. Sort of.

  1. Awesome job getting rid of stuff Nicolette! :) I’m right there with ya on the packing, storing, trimming pounds, traveling routine. Praying for your strength and encouragement in every aspect of the next few months!!

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