the first of many

though the last couple of weeks we’ve been saying goodbye to our apartment and lots of our stuff, last night was the beginning of the real goodbyes. it’s a weird feeling because beirut is still several months away, so it doesn’t really seem like we are actually saying goodbye, but we only have 12 days left in arizona, so it’s for real!

last night we had dinner with our dear friends the falks. rich and jen have officially been our small group leaders and partner development mentors, but they have been so much more than just that to us – great listeners, advice givers, a welcoming home, they’ve offered great ideas for our newsletters and helped us approach churches and friends for support… they are great friends who we will miss dearly!

rich, jen, us

caleb & brady showing off their muscles

Our next week and a half is filled with dinners and going-away-parties… lots more goodbyes. then we get to go to north carolina and do it all over again! it’s bittersweet. sad, because we will miss our friends and families, but exciting because we are taking one step closer to beirut!

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