how to find us

wordpress (the site hosting this blog) has a feature where you can see what people googled that led them to your blog.  it is so funny to see how people ended up here.  the most common search term used that found our blog is “angelina jolie feet”… i wrote a post that mentioned a movie she was in a while back, which i guess explains how our blog popped up on the search engine, but i am so curious as to why someone is googling her feet to begin with?!?  if you’ve stumbled across our blog by searching for angelina jolie’s feet, please do tell… what are you looking for???

the second most common search term is some variation of “beautiful feet blog” followed closely by “romanian orphanages” and then by our names.  have you ever tried googling your name?  it can be pretty interesting.

but this is the one that i just can’t figure out…  two people searched for “not sure i still love her” and ended up on our blog!?!?!?  weird.

posted by: nicolette


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