Yesterday we started learning about all the different sounds that our mouths can make. Did you know that there are only 44 sounds in the English language? Sounds in other languages that happen to be outside of those forty-four are much harder for us to hear and distinguish from our own sounds. And that can make all the difference in the world when you are trying to understand what someone else is saying. Just like the guy in this video can’t distinguish “th” from “s,” Nicolette and I are bound to make a number of mistakes as we learn Arabic and will probably cause a lot of laughter in the process! And so, we’re learning some of the many different hisses, buzzes, tones, clicks and stops that other languages use (we learned some Vietnamese yesterday). The goal is that his will translate into us having much more pleasant and understandable accents when we are speaking Arabic…and maybe one or two less thinking” ships!

posted by: caleb


3 thoughts on “Mayday!!

  1. hilarious. this will happen to you guys often. it’s when people look at one another, laugh, compose themselves, and look back at you guys in an attempt to show mercy, even though they already laughed at you! good times!

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