(frustrating) newsletter coming to a mailbox near you

it’s time for our quarterly newsletter and we decided to try things a little differently this time. in the past we have printed, labeled, stamped, and stuffed envelopes on our own… it is quite the undertaking that generally takes us about a week. we now have WONDERFUL friends from church who are stuffing, stamping and sending our newsletters for us – we are sooo grateful for all the time and energy they are investing into helping us out with this huge task – thanks len & larri! :)

buuut, actually getting the letters to them to send out has been such a headache. it took our printing service about 2.5 weeks to get them printed (so a good portion of the info is now old news)… in black & white! which was not expected and slightly frustrating. because it was designed in color, the pictures didn’t quite show up well and it just doesn’t quite pop the way it would have in color. to top it off, a chunk of labels came with addresses and no names… argh! sorry to vent – here’s to being real, right? and i was real chapped today… :)

on the other side of life, we are having a good time at language acquisition up here in colorado. we’ve been studying phonetics and learning a couple really great methods for helping us learn language once we arrive in beirut. we’ve been putting those methods to work this week learning chinese… it’s amazing how much we can comprehend already after just a couple of hours with our language helper.

our training center is nestled in the midst of a pretty sweet mountain range… we went for a hiking trip on saturday with some new friends… had lunch at the summit and then slid down the mountain :)

at the top of mt. something - training center in the valley below

at the top of mt. something - training center in the valley below

on an even more exciting note – we have a target departure date! august 29… only a month away! we still have a couple clearances we need to get from our organization before we can officially buy our tickets, but that’s the date we’re shooting for… whoo hoo!!!

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2 thoughts on “(frustrating) newsletter coming to a mailbox near you

  1. WOW!! August 29th! that is so incredibly soon. I can’t believe it!!! And thanks for your honesty – it helps us to see that even missionaries are humans and get frustrated :)

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