delicious hands!

the past two weeks here in north carolina, we’ve been meeting with a language helper, who is doing a great job getting us started on arabic.  we are using some of the tools we got in colorado last month, and have been learning numbers, body parts, transportation and more.  rachida is from morocco and has been giving us some fun cultural insights along with the language.

this evening after practicing “i touched my right eye with my left hand” we were talking about different expressions we use, like “she has a green thumb,” “he gave me the finger” :) and such, and rachida told us about a really interesting saying they have in arabic – “you have delicious hands,” which is a compliment you give when someone has prepared a good meal.  she explained that food isn’t good on it’s own, it takes someone’s hands to make it taste so good.  pretty interesting.

after dinner tonight, caleb told my mom she had delicious hands, which was met by the expected, “huh?!?!”  hopefully we will use the phrase with a little more success in lebanon! :)

posted by: nicolette


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