today’s the day!

it’s hard to believe that today is finally here… we are actually moving to beirut!  we leave from raleigh at 2ish, have a six hour layover in chicago, fly overnight to london, and then it’s on to lebanon!

thanks SOOOO much for all your prayers!  we feel so covered – it’s amazing.  a couple of specific things to pray for:

– calmed nerves, lack of anxiousness, and a peace that passes understanding (for me, especially)

– safe, uneventful travels

– no problems with our visas getting in

– that we’d make good connections in the first couple of days – both with new friends and contacts that can help us get settled and set up.

– that our actions and words would be a testimony to God’s grace in our lives

– comfort for our family and friends and us as we go so far away


next time… from beirut!

posted by: nicolette


3 thoughts on “today’s the day!

  1. Nicolette and Caleb – we are praying for you extra special today :) We are praying that as God goes before you and comes behind you, that you would feel safe and “hemmed” in. We love you and are so excited!!

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