a new blog!

i love blogs.

i like to write them, but i love reading them even more.  i have a list of friends’ blogs that i check regularly (some are listed on the sidebar below, if you are interested), and sometimes i go to the wordpress homepage and find an interesting tag… usually something like autism or adoption… and then read all the blogs that have been written on the topic over the past couple of days.

but i have to admit (and no offense to any of my blogger friends! :)), that the addition of this blog to the blogosphere was most exciting for me!

many of you know that my little sister has been living in los angeles for the past two years.  she’s been studying political science at usc and working as an extra on tv and movie sets (for more on her fun job, check out my previous post here).  as i’ve mentioned before, my youngest brother evan is headed out to hollywood to go to the musician’s institute, and our other brother adam has decided to join the other two out west.  the boys just arrived and all three of them are getting moved into their new apartment.  my parents are in the process of picking up a bunch of caleb’s and my furniture from arizona and are driving it out to california as i type.  i’ve been kind of sad – missing out on such a fun family adventure, so i was so excited when my brother set up a blog to chronicle their adventures!

for those of you who know the king clan (or even if you don’t) and want to check up them… you can find their blog here.


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