trying my hand at hummous in our hopefully for-now lil place

last night i tried to make dinner lebanese style.  wasn’t the best meal i’ve ever made, but it certainly wasn’t the worst either (& i remember very clearly the worst meal i’ve ever made – first time caleb’s dad came over for dinner… great timing, huh?)

other than a less than yummy meal and some lingering stomach issues (though not from THAT meal! :)), things are going well.  right now we are living on the tenth floor of the church building.  it’s a nice set-up.  our language school is in the building, and we anticipate most of our ministry, to start at least, will revolve around this building.  plus, the perks of the apartment are nice: it’s furnished, has wireless internet, and a generator to use during the three hours a day that the electricity is turned off here in beirut.

really, the only downside is that we don’t really have lebanese neighbors… which is a high value we have, both for learning arabic and for fostering relationships in the community.  so we’ve been looking for another apartment.  the hard part is it is all about connections.  you don’t just look online, or walk into a rental office.  you ask people you know if they know of any places available, and they ask people they know, and so on… often you can get a better deal on a place based on your relationship with the landlord… because of our limited social circle (after only a week and a half in the country! :)), it’s been a slow process!

sooo, we’d really appreciate your prayers…

… that we’d find a place within walking distance from the church…

… that is reasonably priced…

… with neighbors we can connect with…

… and while either furnished or unfurnished would be fine, it would be awesome to find an apartment building that has a generator, and an apartment with major appliances (many don’t come with oven, fridge, etc)

shokran! (thanks!)  we’ll keep you updated on how the search is going…

posted by: nicolette


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