Two-plus Weeks

We’re ankle deep in flash cards.  Not knee deep yet.  But at this rate, I’m sure we will be soon.  Language school (“how-to-communicate-class” as I try to think of it) is where we have spent a lot of our time over the last week.  Today in class, I was so surprised to realize that I could actually recognize quite a few words in our vocabulary list (and blown away to see how many more Nicolette could actually use!).  And while I am surprised to actually feel some sense of progress, I realize, too, that to any Arabic speaker, I probably sound like a one year old making strings of non-sense sounds.  Nevertheless, communication is coming…even if it is “shway, shway” [slowly, slowly].

Speaking of communication, our internet connection has been really, really bad for the last 3-4 days…and then this morning, it has been a lot better. Rumor is that there was a pretty wide “outage” over the weekend in this region.  Which kind of reminded me of that really weird outage in January…???  I haven’t found any articles yet that have mentioned what happened.  Anyone else seen anything?

One of the fun things about being new here (for me at least) has been wandering around the area and just getting acquainted with the neighborhood.  One surprise has been the availability of certain products/foods from home. Thank you, Mr. Globalization.  So, I snapped some pictures with my handy in-phone camera to document some of what we’ve seen!  Okay, captions on top for these pictures…

For all you Starbucks fans, meet the two-story Starbucks in Hamra…very nice.

Oreo fans…meet Mount Oreo!  15 tubes +3 free in specially marked packages!!

I have to admit, I would not have expected to see this…probably in a hundred years. Right after I spotted these Blue Bell tubs, I felt an overwhelming urge to ask, “What part of Texas is this, anyway?!”   Everybody sing it: ~the stars at night, are big and bright…~

[For those of you still wondering…Blue Bell Ice Cream is to Texas, what apple pie is to America…part of our orientation during the first days in seminary was tasting Blue Bell for the first time.  I’m not even kidding!!]

From what I hear, this one one was a very rare find.  Not common at all, but find it we did…and quite a bargain at 9,995LL per 16oz ($6.65)!

And lastly, the sign says it all…

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5 thoughts on “Two-plus Weeks

  1. Hey Guys!
    Great to get the updates and hear about what is happening with you. Keep up the good work. It’ll be great when you have a three year old vocab Caleb! Then you can walk around and say: “Momma, more milk please.” Stay rooted and grounded.

  2. Hello Cousins! I was catching up on your blog. I just love reading about your lives and what’s going on in and around your new home. Caleb, you are an excellent story-teller — as are you Nicolette! I am so happy that you have arrived safely and that Beirut has Oreo’s!! I think of you often and you are in our prayers.
    We love you! XOXO, Rob, Christa, Noelle & Noah

  3. Hey–your support will go REALLY DOWN if you keep showing pictures of Blue Bell and OREO mountains!! Sounds like you are doing great–keep those language lessons going! If you need a little African adventure, come visit us!

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