getting the week started off right

in church this morning we were actually able to follow along with the worship songs… maybe by next week we’ll actually be able to sing along!  :)

a couple of prayer requests for this week:

1. we are still looking for an apartment.  we have had a couple of leads but so far nothing has panned out.  please pray that we can find an affordable place in a neighborhood within walking distance from the church where we can practice our arabic and make good connections in the community.

2. for diligence in our arabic studies.  we have class three hours each morning and then use the afternoons to study and practice.  the studying is going well.  we’d love to find more language helpers to practice with.

3. my stomach has been rebelling against most of what i eat… please pray that it would start feeling better soon!

4. and always, that our relationship with each other and with the Lord would continue to grow!

thanks so much.  we are so thankful for such a faithful prayer team like you! :)

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