November summer

The weather in Beirut has been absolutely wonderful!  When we first got here at the end of August it was hot and super humid.  After a few weeks it cooled down a little and has been gorgeous.  We had one week of big rain storms, but other than that it has been warm and sunny.  There’s a saying here that between October and November is a second summer and it’s come true!  It’s in the 70’s right now.  I’m wearing short sleeves and sitting in the apartment with all the windows and doors open.  We’ve heard it will get cold and icky in December, but for now we’re enjoying the Mediterannean weather! :)

posted by: nicolette


2 thoughts on “November summer

  1. Jane said it rained heavy last night in nairobi, they are on gen power now . Temps in the 70s she has one more week and then back to sunny az. love you guys

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