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I found a fun little website (www.wordle.net) where you can plug in your text and it creates a map of all the words you are using and with what frequency.  So I put in our blog entries since we’ve arrived in Beirut… and here is the result!  No surprise that Arabic is one of our most commonly typed words.

I have no explanation for “like” and “really.”  Okay, maybe I do.  I guess there’s still a California girl somewhere deep down inside of me.  When I was young, I remember being in the car with my mom.  I was sitting in the front seat, with the back of my head leaning against the window.  I was trying to tell her a story, but she was getting frustrated with my pattern of speech – namely that “like” and “I’m all” were basically every other word.  So she rolled down my window then rolled it back up again quickly, so that my hair, and by extension I, was stuck.  And she wouldn’t release me until I told her the entire story without using the word “like” even once!  But I, like, totally couldn’t like even sorta do it…duh!

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3 thoughts on “what we’re talking about

  1. i love that wordle.net thing. so cute!! I’ll miss seeing you at Christmas break this year. love you guys! and praying for you everytime I see your magnet on my fridge…which is unfortunately too much :)

  2. Like, totally…for real. Love this. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for you both and the way your beautiful feet are sharing His love with your new community.

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