On the seventh day of Christmas…Baking 101

As far back as I can remember, my family would have a baking day the weekend before Christmas.  We’d make fudge (yum!), candy that my grandma taught me to make when I was like 10, different kinds of bars, and the infamous Christmas cookies.  My brothers and sister and I always had lots of fun decorating cookies… taking regular Christmas shapes like bells and trees and stockings, and turning them into whatever we could think of… strawberries, ice cream cones, Osama bin Laden, my dad.  My mom would make little bundles of all the sweets we had made and deliver them to the neighbors.

I decided that I wanted to continue on with this tradition, even though we are not at home.  I couldn’t make the fudge… no marshmallow creme here and chocolate chips are ridiculously expensive… as much as I enjoyed making it with my Grandma, I never really liked the candy we made… and decorating Christmas cookies alone just didn’t sound like fun.  So I decided to make little zucchini breads.  “Kuusa” are in abundance and nice and cheap, and the rest of the ingredients are pretty simple.

I also decided to make pumpkin bars for a couple of the parties we had coming up.  You may remember the drama of trying to make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving this year?  Well about a week after T-day, Caleb came home with a surprise.  Apparently, the grocery store just got a shipment of about 20 cans of pumpkin pie filling.  I also really wanted to have cinnamon rolls for breakfast Christmas morning.  Usually we run to Cinnabon right before it closes on Christmas Eve.  No Cinnabon here (although Krispy Kreme just opened!), so I decided I might as well bake them too!


(this was taken before I opened my Christmas present from Mom and Dad… thanks for the can-opener!!! :))

What I somehow keep forgetting is that things seem to take three times as long to get done   here.  Seriously, more than an hour for the bread to bake???  (I made 15 loaves!!!!!)  I feel like the three days leading up to Christmas I basically lived in the kitchen, eating, drinking and breathing zucchini bread and pumpkin bars!  (and yeah, the cinnamon rolls never got made… maybe for a New Year’s treat??  If I am ready to be back in the kitchen by then! :))

Buuuut, the pumpkin bars were a hit, and it was fun to deliver the zucchini bread to our friends and neighbors.  We’ve actually never met the neighbors right next door, so it provided a great excuse!

We gave a loaf to our language teacher who took it home and shared it with her family.  Apparently her 8 year old daughter just loved it and couldn’t get enough of it.  But when she found out that it had zucchini in it, she was appalled and decided she didn’t actually really like it at all!  Ha ha!

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2 thoughts on “On the seventh day of Christmas…Baking 101

  1. This reminds me of living in Holland and being SO excited when Dad would bring home Cheerios from the commisary. I cried over the mattress pad and ironing board cover:)

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