On the second day of Christmas…lunch and language

After we got home from Christmas Eve dinner with the Costas, we opened our presents from Frrrosty (another tradition from home – thanks for the pj’s, Mom!) and headed straight to bed.  Actually Caleb headed to bed and I waited for the Costas to deliver Caleb’s Christmas surprise that I had been hiding in the basement of the church.  :)

Christmas morning we opened our presents and then headed to church.  It was a good thing I ran out of time to make those cinnamon rolls, because we were both still stuffed from our late dinner the night before.  After the service we went over to our language teacher’s house for lunch.  We love Vivian so much, and it was so great to meet her family and see her home.  We had a great time practicing our Arabic and playing with her kids.

When we got home from Vivian’s, we both called our families and then crashed into bed.  It’s been a crazy, hectic and super fun holiday season… but we are definitely looking forward to a couple of days with absolutely nothing going on! :)

posted by: nicolette


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