change can be annoying

Another really nice thing about our apartment is that it came with a TV and cable.  Out of the 90 or so channels, there are maybe 10 in English… it’s definitely a nice break to sit and veg to something in our own language!  A while after we moved in, I sat down one day and made a list of what each channel was, because the English channels weren’t grouped together in any way.

We were just starting to get the hang of all the channels (and found re-runs of The Office on channel 9!) when a couple days after New Years, some of the stations disappeared, some new ones appeared, and most changed channels.  So, last night I sat down again and went through all 90 channels, making a list of the station and if it was in Arabic, English, French, German, or Turkish (?!?!?)…. just in time to watch The Office on channel 47!

We just finished dinner and Caleb turned the TV on only to find that all the channels have been switched again!  Argh… at least we have another week to find The Office’s new home…

posted by: nicolette

my sister on the office a couple of seasons ago (she’s the one in pink):


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