a reality check

Today we finished up a two-day training session for leaders of summer camps we are hoping to help out with this year.  We’d been looking for ways to get a little more involved in ministry in a context that would allow us to practice our Arabic and yet not have too many responsibilities that would take away from studying.  A couple weeks ago we visited with a Lebanese Baptist society to hear about all their different programs and found out that they really needed help with their summer camps – for kids and teens from area churches and orphanages.

So the training (which as a side-note was almost entirely in Arabic, we had no translation, and were actually able to follow most of the major parts of the presentation and small group discussion – whoo hoo!!!) was about how to deal with “crisis” in camp ministry.  They talked a lot about being pro-active in preparing for crises, so that if one does occur, we know how to handle it.  So the guy leading this one particular session was asking us to list some examples of crises that we could potentially face while at camp.  So we had on the list: sickness, injury, child gets lost, war, weather… wait, back up a second… war?!?!  Just another reminder that we are in Beirut.  What was so crazy was that it was just another item on the list of totally realistic potential crises that we could find ourselves having to deal with this summer.

We are so thankful that the five months we have been here have been without incident.  We do appreciate your continued prayers for peace in Lebanon and the Middle East!


One thought on “a reality check

  1. I am so excited that you will get to be involved in this. It sounds like the perfect opportunity for you to get your hands on some children needing hands on!

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