Why Having Lightweight Blood is a Good Thing…

We just worked through an interesting section in Arabic class that I thought might be interesting to tell you about.  That’s not to say I’m ever bored working through this stuff; on the contrary, it seems like every class always ends up being interesting in some way or another.  The other day, though, was particularly fun because we worked on “characteristics” of people.  Things like being generous, disloyal, lazy, active, open minded, ignorant, respected, respectful, polite, humble, conservative…that’s the short list. Actually, when you think about it, there are hundreds of characteristics as well as idiomatic expressions that paint the picture of what this or that person is like in English.  And Arabic is no different.  So, learning how to describe someone in Arabic is turning into quite a long vocabulary list that keeps growing daily.

A couple idiomatic expressions that we got to peek at the other day were kind of fun.  The list we were working on all revolve around the heart, blood, hand, and tongue.  So, someone who is “hot blooded” gets anger quickly…both in English and in Arabic.  But, what about someone has “light hands?”   This is one way of describing a person who is really active,  always doing things.  Someone who is “light blooded”…They’re just really fun, cute, enjoyable to be around.  One surprise had to do with the meaning of someone who has “long breath.”  The expression “long winded” in English is associated with someone who talks too much…but in Arabic, being “long of breath” is a positive thing…it means you’re really patient.

Fun stuff, right!

posted by: caleb


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