would you want to live on jupiter?

So in third grade the kids do a big science project on one of the planets.  Miss S is from a small Beduoin village – village is even too big a word to describe her home.  So trying to explain the grandiosity of the planets has been really difficult.

“Which planet is America on?”…  this coming from a girl who thought they were in Egypt on their class field trip to the zoo.

I thought I was making good progress by showing lots of pictures of Earth, and how Lebanon is such a small part of Earth, so we moved on to studying Jupiter facts for her presentation.  Including the fact that 1,300 Earths could fit inside of the planet Jupiter.

At one point I asked her if she would want to live on Jupiter, trying to see how well she understood the different pieces of information she was memorizing.  She started laughing hysterically and said, “no way!”  So I asked her why not, hoping for something about how it is all gas, or she would be dizzy because it spins so fast.  But no.  She doesn’t want to live on Jupiter because it’s just a small ball and she couldn’t balance on it and would probably fall off.

And we begin again.

okay, i just had to include this picture of jupiter and a couple of its moons because it’s absolutely beautiful:


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