another example of bringing cheer

We were told in our language acquisition training to expect to make a million mistakes and to bring cheer to lots of people as we learn how to speak a new language. We are on at least our second million and not a day goes by when someone doesn’t laugh at me (usually it’s the girls – they used to get in trouble for laughing at me, but sometimes even the mothers can’t help but laugh…. so no more punishments for making fun of silly Miss Nicolette!)

Today I had a good one… made one of the kiddos fall out of her chair actually. We bought some ground beef a couple of days ago and put it in the fridge thinking I’d use it pretty quick. But it changed colors from normal red to a weird light brown, so I was asking one of the moms if she knew what had happened…. So, I explained….

“The other day I bought some beef and put it in the mail….”

Let the laughter commence.

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