Ruins in Springtime

I’ve never lived a place before that had such old ruins.  To be able to see the changes that those seemingly static ruins undergo with the seasons blows me away sometimes.  Like when we had a chance to visit the Jbeil (Byblos) with some of our friends from Stonebriar recently.  Lebanon in the spring is quite a sight.

I don’t really know that much about the more “modern” history at Jbeil…as in the last 3-400 years.  It looks like there used to be some kind of narrow gauge rail that carried goods from the port below down into the city.  Anyway, the old rusted and twisted remains of that era intertwined with the annual wildflower bloom set against the backdrop of the citadel built shortly after the city fell to the Frankish invaders in 1108 makes for a pretty interesting scene.

(Props to Priscilla for this last one!)  We had some friends from one of our churches in Texas, Stonebriar. Mark and Priscilla Young and Kathy Clegg were here and we bummed along on some touring with them. It was a joy to spend some time with them.  We’re so appreciative of Stonebriar’s partnership with us!

pics by: Nicolette

posted by: caleb


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