Lost in translation

Caleb and I have had our fair share of funny language mistakes.  From putting the meat in the mail to pushing all the vocabularly against the wall in order to clean the floor to forgetting my teacher in my desk, laughter basically follows us wherever we go… or at least wherever we speak.

We also get a good laugh sometimes at some funny English we hear.  The other day one of the girls and I were playing a word game.  I would pick out a bunch of letters from a stack of flashcards to make a word or phrase or sentence, mix them all up, and she had to unscramble them.

On one of her turns, she meant to spell out “The school is boring” but somehow it came out “The school is war.”  :)  Coming from a girl who has been counting down until summer since March or so.  We both got a pretty good laugh when I explained the difference between boring and war, although in her heart of hearts I think she probably thought war was a better choice.  :)

Another example that got us giggling:

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