From the mouth of babes…

Twice a week Caleb rides along in the van to pick up the girls from school.  One of his rules is that the windows can be open, but as soon as any body part is put out, that window gets shut.  One of the littler girls seems to have a really hard time remembering this.

Yesterday I was sitting in the kitchen talking with Maria, who helps out a couple of times each week.  She was showing us her finger that accidently got smashed in the window of a bus.  Perfect object lesson.  “Little G, if you stick your arm out the window, maybe a car will come and maybe your arm will get cut off!” (!!!)  And then we were talking about all the things she couldn’t do without her arm… eat, play with her doll, write, color, draw, and on and on. (Okay maybe we were exaggerating the point a little bit…. :))

She got really quiet and was looking at her hands for about a minute.  Then she held up her right hand and announced to us all that this is the only hand she really uses so the other one can get cut off, no problem!

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One thought on “From the mouth of babes…

  1. I love when kids are lost in thought and you are wondering “what is going on in that little mind?” Better yet, to actually find out!

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