News of the day

Went to the doctor and the doctor said…

We’ve still got to wait till late October to meet her!


11 thoughts on “News of the day

  1. Yippee!!! I love the cupcakes. Can you believe it? Now it really seems real. A little girl with long legs:) Now you need to get serious with your list of names. Rachida and I just did a little shopping today for Yokey, (which now just doesn’t sound right) and she reiterated that you should name her Alia!

  2. Ahhhh yes! Congrats! Wow. How great! Nice work making those cupcakes Caleb. You’re so domestic. Having a girl is “in” right now apparently. You two have always been on the cutting edge of trendiness, excluding Caleb’s tight jeans which make everyone feel awkward … except Nicolette ;).

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