It’s time to celebrate. Or not.  June is the season for weddings. So along with the hot weather and tourists from the Gulf States and Europe descending on Beirut, there are plenty of fireworks as well.  Over the last couple of days the “celebration” seems to really have picked up though, what with Nabih Berri’s appointment as Speaker of the Parliament and Saad Harriri’s election by the Parliament as Prime Minister of Lebanon. And so there’s been a fair amount of celebratory gunfire during the day along which sounds a lot like the fireworks at night.  And probably a couple of RPG’s from the sound of it.  Kind of reminds me of the New Year’s “celebrations” in Higley, Arizona when I was growing up.  It’s just as illegal there as it is here.  And just as reckless.

Interestingly, the issue of “celebratory gunfire” was brought up as a question posed to one of the Miss Lebanon contestants on Friday night (unfortunately, her answer wasn’t very well prepared).  If you do a google search for the term, the number one hit that it returns currently is an article from the Daily Star newspaper here in Beirut highlighting Nabih Berri’s condemnation of the practice.

posted by: caleb


4 thoughts on ““Celebratory”

  1. haha dave…knowing you and Caleb, I’m sure the potato gun (or any other armament) was likely aimed at an old toilet or a boom-box or some other crazy target! :)

    • Oh man, the potato cannon…that was 3.5′ of awesomeness wrapped up in a tube of PVC. Or something like that…

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